Writing For Fun.

When I made the decision to quit my “real job” to write full-time, it wasn’t a decision that was made hastily. It was always my dream to be able to do just that, but I also didn’t want to be embraced into the world of the starving artist which, up till now at least, hasn’t happened. Work is coming thick and fast, and I am loving what I do every day, even if I do yearn for the odd day off here and there.

What I’ve found though is that I miss writing for myself, or for my wife. Sure there are some gigs that I get which are fun, or are geared towards a subject that I like, but for the most part I am in the position of writing articles that don’t necessarily float my boat. The cool part of doing that is learning something new every day, which actually helps me to write other articles on that subject should it come up again.

That doesn’t entirely kill my desire to entertain myself, and I have now found a way to do just that. The website is called InfoBarrel, and while my earnings there rely on ad revenue sharing, I really don’t care. it’s a great place to go and unwind, and to just write about something that I think is cool or fun. I even got to do a nice little article for my wife for Valentine’s Day, which is worth more than the few bucks I get from writing SEO content.

It may seem odd to some that I write to relax, especially when my income depends on writing, but it just shows that I love to do it, which is something I always hope shines through in my SEO work.


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What I Can Do For You

The internet has made it possible for me to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a writer. There are literally millions of new websites popping up every day, which makes the goal of landing a top spot on the major search engines a very difficult one indeed. One of the best ways to get your blog or website noticed is to add original, keyword rich content as regularly as possible.
That has created a huge market for article writers, but it has also led to people trying to take a shortcut by using software spinners and PLR (Private Label Rights) articles to quickly create that content.
There is a major problem with both of those routes, as spinners tend to create content that makes very little sense, and PLR articles can be used over and over by thousands of different people, meaning that search engines like Google will not recognize it as original content.
I can help you by writing an original article on any subject you need, and will do so at extremely reasonable rates, with satisfaction guaranteed. You can be sure that your article will easily pass Copyscape, and will be entirely unique.
Contact me if you want a unique new article, or if you’d simply like me to re-write and existing article or PLR piece…I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

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Some More Writing Examples

Here are a couple of new articles that I recently completed, plus a link to a blog that I will be contributing to every day for the next month or so (already one week in).

This first piece was about a new patent law, and its effect on small business. The client provided some great info that really helped me finish the article.

The Toy Spy is a great site, with an even better owner, and I will also be writing for them on a daily basis for the foreseeable future. The great thing with this gig is that I have been given free reign to write in the style that I love….kinda fun and snarky, but still PG (damn!!…LOL)

This final link is to an Australian real estate website, for whom I’ll be writing a daily blog piece, based on long tail keywords that I have been supplied.

I’ll try to get better at posting more examples, although much of the work that I do disappears into the world wide web, without my being told of its destination. No biggie, as it’s always onto the next for me.



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The People Have Spoken

I’m not much for self-promotion, but also understand that if I am to succeed in my chosen career of writing, then I have to get over myself and brag a little. With that said, here are a few of the comments left on my Fiverr.com profile page. No editing on my part, all are exactly as they were posted.

The article passed copyscape and was very high quality for only 5 dollars. Highly recommended!

Really happy to have found John on here. He wrote a brilliant article on a subject most men would balk at – Beauty & Fashion! Thank you so much. Looking forward to working with you again. http://www.justbeauty.co/blog

AAA+++! Highly recommend John! Brilliant writer!

Wow, you definitely are a talented writer. You took what I sent to a level I wasn’t expecting. Thanks for your time doing this work.

Great work, will order more. Highly recommended. Just give him the keyword he will do the rest for you.

Just what I wanted. The article was excellent. It was as if John was looking over my shoulder at my basic outline/thoughts for this article. I will be reordering from him again.

Once again, great looking article. I’ve already been referring people to inkedwriter based on his first article, no doubt that I’ll continue to do so.

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A Couple Of Writing Examples

I thought I would get the examples rolling with a couple of articles I wrote for the Evil Ladies website. This is fast becoming one of my favorite sites, and not just because I write there. When it comes to fiction, horror is my usual genre, but the “ladies” on this site make my fiction pieces look like child’s play.

Example 1 was a piece about the Countess Of Blood, Elizabeth Bathory

Example 2 is an article on the Giggling Granny, Nannie Doss

I’ll be adding more examples as I get them, and you can now get to this site using http://www.writerjohnwatson.com rather than the long-winded wordpress URL.

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My Somewhat Professional Site

I have always just written for the fun of it, grinding out short stories and flash fiction pieces for a very, very limited audience. With a little gentle prodding from my wife, I decided to actually try and make a second income from writing articles and SEO pieces for blogs and websites etc., and the results have been somewhat surprising.
My quest to become a “real writer” started over at fiverr.com and in the space of a few short weeks my “gig” has moved up the ranking very quickly. In 6 weeks I have written 170 articles and have been offered 3 roles as resident content writer at different sites, all if it surprising no-one except myself; I’ve never been entirely confident in my writing ability, an issue that seems to plague many a writer.
With that in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to start a blog where I can showcase my article work, at least that which buyers allow, whilst still maintaining my Inked Writer Blog for those posts where I need to vent, or post fiction pieces that wouldn’t fit very well in these pages.
Very busy at the moment, but my goal is to get a proper domain name for this site, start posting my buyer approved articles, and setting up a way for everyone to hire my writing services from here. All coming soon, so check back regularly.

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